About Us

Our Experience


With over 5 years of  bringing IT and Business together, we decided to alter directions.After some time we found that our skills could be better suited helping others. Our ramp up process is designed to support and empower your organization with the tools needed to push your company forward. Ask us about:

  • Web Development 
  • Web Design
  • Mobile App Design
  • Business Services

Our Approach


We see it everyday, A new startup pops up in a booming area and after 3 months to a year they disappear. This is contributed to three things: Lack of digital presence, incorrect book keeping, and lack of digital marketing. ShareTechWorks strives to be the bridge between your company and technical advancement. Let ShareTechWorks worry about the paper work so you can focus on moving your company forward. 

Why Us?


 Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help bring your ideas to reality,  services to keep them in the forefront, a comprehensive training that includes a personal walk through of services and free support up to 2 months after services are completed. We also offer general marketing such as SEO evaluation, book keeping, tax preparation and Social Media promotions. 


CMS External Applications


Applications such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify and many others has made it easier for small business to build their online presence. Let ShareTechWorks take you a step further in your digital journey.

CMS Internal Applications


Technologies such as Salesforce and SharePoint allow organizations to build secure platforms that bring their staff together. Internal CMS applications allow for organizations to easily share documents, communicate, and even collaborate with a simple click of a button

Mobile Builders


Open source mobile app builders are great for customization. Not only does these tools support basic mobile app design but they also makes it easier for business owners to get their app ideas to market. 

Meet the Founder

Melisa Pettaway


Founder & CEO

  Melisa Pettaway is a Software Engineer with several years of experience in Information technology. She has extensive experience in CMS Development, Mobile App creation, and Back End development.